Introduction To Those Behind the Scenes

It takes all kinds to make a fire department run smoothly and we would like to introduce you to those that make it all happen to keep you safe.

Board of Directors

  • George Hetherington, President
  • Christopher Swatosh, Vice-President
  • Herschell Letsinger, Secretary
  • Harold Miller
  • Christopher Burress


These men and woman drop everything they are doing as soon as their pager goes off. Whether it is during the day or night or even during a family get together they are here to help out.

  • Delbert M. Murray, Fire Chief/Treasurer
  • Delbert L. Murray, Assistant Fire Chief
  • Sherri Murray, Medical Director
  • Heather McFarlin, Firefighter
  • Katlyn McFarlin, Junior Firefighter
  • Cooper Murray, Junior Firefighter
  • Brian McFarlin, Captain of Station 1
  • Alex Fourman, Captain of Station 2
  • Dillon Argall, Firefighter
  • Trenton Tate, Firefighter
  • Danny Maggard, Firefighter
  • Calli Murray, Firefighter